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Needing to use the new file manager?

New FTP Information

If you use FTP to upload image files (or other files) to your website, you need to know about a change that is necessary, now that OmegaNet has moved its servers to a new data center.

To make your transfers more secure, we are now using SECURE File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This means a small change to the host name you enter when you use FileZilla (or other FTP client). The old way looked like this:

The NEW way looks like this:


where “username” is the actual Admin Console username for your site.

It should connect without a port number, but if it doesn’t, try entering “22” in the Port blank.

Note the configuration of the Host with s

If you have trouble with “Quick Connect” you can create a connection by going to File > Site Manager. Click “New Site” and enter your information as outlined above. It will save your information, but it will require you to enter your password each time you connect.