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Needing to use the new file manager?

Quick Fixes

Here are a few common problems and fixes:

Problem: The product descriptions and prices are showing but not the pictures.

Solution: To show up on the website, your images MUST be

  • Under 1MB in size
  • In .jpg format with an RGB (NOT CMYK) color mode
  • Either named EXACTLY the same as the SKU (including capitalization) OR named EXACTLY the same as the image name given in the spreadsheet
  • Processed by the image processor

If these four conditions are true, then the image shows up 99.9% of the time. The most common reason that an image is not showing up is because the image is not processed. Before moving on, please press the PROCESS IMAGES NOW button in your admin console (even if you’ve done it already, sometimes the image processor times out in the middle of an image!!). The second most common reason that images do not show up is because there is a typo in the image name (either the name on the image itself, OR the name of the image in the spreadsheet). Double-check that your capitalization and punctuation is correct and that you do not have any special characters ‘\’ ‘.’ ‘,’ …etc. If you have verified that the image manager has been pressed (at least twice) and that your image names are EXACTLY the same, then feel free to contact us and we will help you figure out what your problem might be.

Problem: A product picture is missing, but instead of the “Image Not Available”, there is a red X in a red box with the SKU number.

Solution: This indicates one of two problems. Either the image that was uploaded in CMYK instead of RGB (see “Processing the Product Images” above) OR the image name in column U of the spreadsheet doesn’t match any images that have been uploaded. This may be because the image name in the spreadsheet is wrong or the image itself is named wrong. To see if an image is in CMYK mode, check your website in Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. If the image shows up in other browsers but not Internet Explorer, then you need to convert your image from CMYK to RGB mode. (Click on this link to convert from CMYK to RGB Mode: 

Problem: I exported a spreadsheet from the site but now there are all kinds of strange characters like "and &.

Solution: These are HTML characters that represent common symbols that you are using in your spreadsheet. To replace them, go back into Excel, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click the “F” key. This brings up a box called Find and Replace. Simply enter the HTML character into the Find What feild and replace it with the proper symbol (if your not sure which is which, google can tell you the answer).

Problem: I see those same HTML character symbols (like "and &) but in my category names on the site.

Solution: You will have to change the Category Names in the Admin Console. Go to Product Categories, View All and find the Category/Subcategory that you need to change. Click the “Edit” button to the right of the Category Name that you need to change. Then you can change the name, save your changes and everything should look correct again.

Problem: When I uploaded a new spreadsheet, I see two of the same categories showing up but only one has products.

Solution: Most times this happens because of symbols in the Category Name (see above). This can also happen the the Capitalization is different or if you have too many spaces in one of the Category Names. Either way, you need to figure out which categories have products, and then either delete or deactivate the categories that don’t from the Admin Console, Product Categories, Group Editor.

It is important to note that if you change categories on your spreadsheet (replace old ones) and upload the spreadsheet the new categories will not overwrite the old ones.  Before uploading the new spreadsheet with the new categories that replace previous categories log into the CAMEO EZ admin console (, click on Product Categories then click on Group Editor.  Click on the box next to the categories you are no longer using, scroll down and click Disable Checked.  In this way only the categories you want to appear on your website will be seen.

Problem: An Item is showing on a page but the SKU is showing in the Item Name position and the price is $0.00.

Solution: Apparently there is an extra comma in the Comma-delimited spreadsheet file. Most often this occurs to the left of the SKU number column, after the last Keyword. Commas between keywords are interpreted as belonging to the Keywords, but a comma after the last keyword will be interpreted by Excel as a field delimiter and all subsequent fields will be moved to the right. Find and remove the extra comma in the spreadsheet and re-import it, or use the Item Editor in the Item Manager to remove the comma and then re-save the item. See also the next problem for removing an item with no SKU.

Problem: An Item is showing on my web site with no SKU. I need to delete it, but the Admin Console requires that I enter a SKU to delete an item.

Solution: In the Admin Console select Item Manager. Select View All and sort by SKU. The blank SKU item will be listed first. Click “Edit” and enter a false SKU in the SKU field and resave it. Return to Delete Item and enter the false SKU # to delete the item.

Problem: I am trying to replace an image, but when I go to the FTP site it won’t let me delete old images or replace existing images.

Solution: This is caused by a permissions issue. We have to keep the access to your web data as tight as possible to prevent hackers from gaining access. Sometimes though, our permissions get too tight and won’t allow you to modify your images. Just contact us and we’ll get your permissions lifted.

Problem: I did NOT get an error when I uploaded a replacement image, but my website still shows the old image.

Solution: The most common reason for this is that the images were not “Force Processed”. When you go to the Admin Console, Image Manager, and then Process Images, be sure to check the box that asks if you would like to Force and Update of All Images. DO NOT do this everytime you process images, ONLY when you are replacing existing images because it slows your webserver. If you still do not see the new image, then the image is probably not named EXACTLY the same as the image you are replacing. If you export a spreadsheet (Item Manager, Export to File) and then look in the Image name column, you will be able to tell what the image name is supposed to be.

Note: If you have alternate images (those other than the main product image) or multiple images in your view details/pop up window Do Not use the Force an update of all images (Force Process) feature in the Image Manager, Process Images.

OmegaNet, Inc. uses security software called CloudFlare which scans our servers including the images server.  You may experience a delay in seeing the new image on your website because CloudFlare is scanning at the time you are uploading images.  The image is on the server but there is a delay in seeing it on your CAMEO EZ website.

Problem: The content in my pagebuilder looks completely different than it does when it’s on the site.

Solution: We use external stylesheets (CSS) to style your website. Because of this your pagebuilder will never show you exactly what you will see on your site. Therefore if you are trying to align text with images or other things requiring precision it is best to do them using HTML rather than the pagebuilder. Feel free to Contact Us and we can take care of the coding for a fee of $75/hour.