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WordPress / WooCommerce Tutorials

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a WordPress site hosted by OmegaNet, DO NOT upgrade WordPress without first contacting OmegaNet. The version of WordPress is dependent on the version of PHP being used on your site and if you upgrade WordPress beyond the PHP version, you may damage your site. It is usually okay to upgrade plugins.

Below are several articles introducing various facets of a WordPress / WooCommerce blog, information site and/or retail ecommerce site. You can get much more information on the “Manuals” tab in your admin sidebar, at, on a specific plugin’s website or by searching Google or YouTube. These are user level tutorials. They may reference developer issues, but they are not intended for developers.

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  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Pages and Posts
  3. Themes
  4. Plugins
  5. Menus & Widgets
  6. WooCommerce Product Management in the Admin
  7. WooCommerce Product Management Using a Spreadsheet
  8. WooCommerce Product Management through EZB2C
  9. WooCommerce Payment, Shipping & Sales Tax


In this introductory section, we will do a quick overview of:
– What WordPress is and what it does
– A quick look at the major features
– How to manage your admin user
– How to create and edit information pages on your site.
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Pages and Posts

In this section, we are looking at:
– Editing Existing Pages.
– Creating A New Page.
– Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”.
– Creating and Editing Blog Posts.
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What is a WordPress theme? A theme is a collection of files that determine how a website looks and functions. A theme can be bare bones or extremely complex, intended for specialized sites like ecommerce, photographer’s galleries, etc. Every theme will have certain standard files, but specialized themes will have additional files for special-purpose widgets, page layouts, etc. There are thousands of themes available on and thousands more available from third-party vendors. Some themes are free and others require an annual fee.
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In this section, we will do an overview of plugins: What they are and what they can do.
What is a WordPress plugin? A plugin is a set of code files that extends and enhances the functionality of a WordPress site. So the difference between a theme and a plugin is that a theme is mostly about how a site looks and a plugin is about what a site can do.

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Managing WooCommerce Products in the Admin

In this section, we will do an overview of product management, looking first at how to manage product information and images through the Admin.
In the left sidebar is a link to “Products” directly under woo commerce. Under products is all products. Over on the left is the Search so you can search for product by its a SKU number or a name.
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Managing WooCommerce Products in the Spreadsheet

In this section, we will do an overview of product management, looking first at how to manage product information and images through the spreadsheet.
In the left sidebar is a link to “Products” directly under Woo Commerce. Under products is “All Products.” At the top of the page you have “Add New”, “Import” and “Export”. We’ve already covered Adding New Products in the admin. Even if you intend to import a spreadsheet of all your products, there may be times you’ll need to make small changes in the Admin, or there may be some things that can only be done in the Admin.
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Managing WooCommerce Products through EZB2C

In this section, we will look at how to manage the products on your WooCommerce retail site using OmegaNet’s EZB2C plugin.
OmegaNet has created a product integration plugin, known as “EZB2C”, which stands for “Easy Business-to Consumer”. The plugin uses a custom API to sync the product data and images from a CAMEO EZ wholesale site to a WordPress/WooCommerce retail site.
Once the plugin is installed and activated it will appear in your WordPress Plugins like other plugins.
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Payment, Shipping & Tax

In this section, we will do an overview of Payment, Shipping charges and Sales Tax on WooCommerce sites.
You access these features under WooCommerce > Settings. Here you will see a number of tabs and before we jump into Payment, I want to call your attention to the Emails tab. This is where you set the email address you want to receive the order notification emails.
Now to Payment. Click on the Payment tab on the Settings page. In a fresh WooCommerce installation, there are a few default payment options.
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