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Needing to use the new file manager?

If you want to display your Catalog online so your customers can download it, you can easily upload a PDF to your website (see “How Do I Upload Files“) and create a link to it on a Page Builder page (instructions here).

You may prefer to display your Catalog as a flip catalog where your customers can “turn the pages” on their monitors or tablets. This can be created from your PDF and your customers will still be able to download a PDF if they prefer. Contact OmegaNet for pricing.

File size restrictions may dictate that you cannot use the File Manager, with its 32 MB limit, but must use FTP, which means your PDF will be located in your “images” folder. That is not a problem but will make a difference as to your link URL.

If you are creating a link on a Page Builder page, and you uploaded your file to the root directory of your site using the File Manager, your link URL will be:

 where “yourdomain” and “yourcatalog” are changed to your specific information.

Often, it’s good to create a thumbnail image of the Catalog cover to serve as a link. This can be done in Photoshop or some other image processing software.

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